OkMalumKoolkat – Mlazi Milano (Album Tracklist)


OkMalumKoolkat will release his 2016 album Mlazi Milano on December 23rd and he has already released one single to us (download here).

The new album contains 17 songs and it features musicians such as Mashayabhuqe KaMamba, uSanele, Bra Sol , Boyzdem, Petite Noir, Riky Rick, AKA, Amadando, Spoek Mathambo and The Brother Moves On.

See the tracks on the album below

1. Bayavuma (Intro) Okmalumkoolkat

2. Mlazi Milano – Okmalumkoolkat

3. Spina Gusheshe Like a Skateboard skit! – Okmalumkoolkat

4. Ntwana Yam’ – Okmalumkoolkat

5. Mathananazane Wami (feat. Mashayabhuqe Ka Mamba) – Okmalumkoolkat

6. Amalobola (Slow Jam sase Mlazi) – Okmalumkoolkat

7. Tongue Foo Action (feat. uSanele, Bra Sol & Boyzdem)/Forever (feat. Petite Noir) – Okmalumkoolkat

8. Galileo- Okmalumkoolkat

9. Uk’thula (Soulfaktor’s Interlude)/Spura Maluda (feat. Reba Red) – Okmalumkoolkat

10. Ekse Aweh! (Vacay) [feat. Petite Noir & Reba Red] – Okmalumkoolkat

11. Sele Sele (feat. Riky Rick) – Okmalumkoolkat

12. La Liga -Okmalumkoolkat

13. Mega Milano (feat. AKA) – Okmalumkoolkat

14. Gqi (feat. Amadando) – Okmalumkoolkat

15. Ngiyashisa Bhe! (feat. Sho Madjozi) – Okmalumkoolkat

16. Spoek Mathambo International Airport (feat. Spoek Mathambo) – Okmalumkoolkat

17. Ubhuti Ontsundu (feat. The Brother Moves On) – Okmalumkoolkat


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