Zahara revealed battling emotional struggles with alcohol


Zahara revealed battling emotional struggles with alcohol

Singer and songwriter, Zahara, revealed she’s human like every other persons as she’s been through emotional struggles which she overcame through the help of her family.

Speaking with TshishaLIVE, the singer also revealed drinking alcohol to be happy but she’s off alcohol as she’s gotten healed from all struggles.

“It was not a nice place to be in. I was frustrated and so I drank a little to find happiness. It wasn’t that I needed it or that I was addicted. But I got to a point where one night I finished a whole bottle of wine by myself. I knew then that I needed to speak to someone and deal with this.”

Zahara added that she went home to be with her mother and sisters, who fasted and prayed for her.


“It really helped. I was able to get clarity and now I am sober since October. I haven’t touched alcohol since and I don’t miss it because I don’t think it was a problem for me before.”

Here is the reason behind disclosing this part of her story to the public.

“I want to show people that those stories weren’t true and that there was never a problem.”

“I don’t want to be part of the statistics of those who kill themselves. People need to know that we are struggling and that sometimes we aren’t okay. Sometimes you have to ask for help. I was scared of talking about it at first but I am not anymore.”


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